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Google search: Identity politics

Identity politics got you down?

We walk on egg shells

Culturally sensitive is what millennials bring to the table.


Hyper Awareness of knowing your story is different than mine.

I probably have some privilege.

I probably have some-

alotta privilege.

Come thru and correct me as I navigate



basic gay millennial

(five story window)


I am a boy in a dress.

It's nothing new to the world.

(That's for damn sure).

and nothing new to my body

my six yr old self YASes from the inside.

I am a 6 foot 2 white male

and when I put on a dress-

Venus Xtravaganza

Touch this skin,


touch this skin hunny,

touch all of this skin!


You just can't take it!

Her murder unsolved.

Chopped her up my gay brethren echo into the Manhattan skyline

at 23 her skin is taken

and I stand on a rooftop in queens


aware of the freedom my h and m dress gives me

that a sister gave me.

I don't shave my face

or my legs

because it upsets my pores

and I like the way his body hair feels on mine

and I like how it looks

with my dress.

I don't identify as trans

once a #gay #boi

(and 4eva a gay boi).

but my trans sisters have paved the way

for me

to explore

to figure out

a dress.



strange or odd


spoil or ruin

(an agreement, event, or situation).

I put on a suit. Ordain a wedding.

The vest is XS

and she fits how I likes it.

What's with the dresses?

I identify as a Crossdresser

the same way I believe in God

and the two are related hunny.

The only english speaking words that embody the idea of what I am trying to communicate.

What am I crossing?

When I put on a dress-

what am I crossing?


Gender politics.


seems to fit

a little specific for my taste

a little


and then

we're tired

but I am a cis white male.

6 foot




6 foot 2.5


and I know it

and so do you.

6 foot 2.5


in a dress.

and you know it.

and so do I.

Please explain to me how this makes you feel.

or don't-

but it does.

My existence makes you feel


I make you feel something, hunny.

A man in lederhosen

stumbling solo

down an Astoria street says


I YAS him

he WOWs me


my sisters

have my back.

wow queer god venus

I feel most comfortable identifying as a crossdresser.

The feels.

Millennials will give you their intellectualize feels

(That's for damn sure).

I believe it's because we are having a reaction to the baby boomer generation who neatly placed their feels in a mason jar under the kitchen sink.

flowers in a mason jar atop my long island city kitchen counter

I put on a dress

just to be.

My Being

to you/ to me/ is crossing

my crossing tends to look a lot like Jesus.

I get Jesus a lot, bebegrl.

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