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What's up? You baby.

He took me to a place

Where boys like boys who like girls who like girls

Where on Wednesday I wore a floral skirt

And was called

Carrie Bradshaw

And I couldn't help but wonder...

why I don't always feel this free?

The questions of my gender

My sexuality

were nowhere to be


The only questions were

where I got my skirt

and how much it was.


Fourteen dollars.

I was given

warm smiles

and Congratulations

genuine Congratulations

For being a boy

who looks like a girl

who looks like a boy

Leather boots

And a leather choker

With his leather harness

And the jorts I cut

And C frayed

On Tuesday I wore a dress

And he wore the matching earrings

She told me I looked like Diane Keaton

with my glasses

and Pinot Grigio

his friend's kind words

cradled my garment

We walked thru the marshes



Where the water wasn't

And was

And the beach held

my naked body

my 6th lumber

my tail

I sat naked in the sand

Hunched over

As I rubbed it on my face

He rubbed the sand

on my tail

Whale tails

are beyond

they arch so slowly

like when you crash your Jeep Cherokee

yet memory can't hold

the softness of the movement

a donut


an egg sandwich


C got the most tail

And he accused him of projecting

As he accused him

Of calling me stupid

and I was silent.

My eyes welled up

as I smoothed my skirt

and we kept talking

about whales

and C held my hand

as we said goodnight

He brushed his teeth

As I brushed mine

(a first)

And then he chuckled

with toothpaste on his lips,

"I love you

so much."

in a way

the way

where feels fill the room

sand on my back

chocker with his harness

two bikes

and caffeinated beverages

What's up?

You baby.

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