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rain catches you

One of those days

idle days make for rampant thoughts

Drove across for the country

for a job

that’s been my constant

for years

four years

a job that is coming to an end

change and new beginnings

but til then

I wait for the send off

I do his dishes

and put his pills in their case

domesticated in a way

that I’ve seen before

that if I were a woman-

I would protest.

capable of many things

but fak-

let me cater to you

is a Destiny Child’s classic

and I like it.

There’s only so much time

you can spend in your room

internet spiral

Articles on how to pursue careers

and give up others

overdose and

gun legislation

and a young girl protests the right

for her hair

to exist

in it’s natural state.

For her to exist in her natural state.

you send your energy

your vibes

her way

and hope she feels it

gotta get out of this room

gotta write your brother’s wedding ceremony

and decide if you are comfortable with female strippers

who also give 20 dollar handjobs

but what if they were male strippers

still no jobs for me

as I’ve contemplated this path

a lot

this past year.

but maybe you’re the sexist.



gotta eat

gotta call mom

gotta walk

you get caught in the rain

the gentle sprinkle becomes a downpour

and you realize

the rain has caught you.

others flee

duck for cover



abandon their umbrellas

but you don’t have anywhere else to be

but right here.

Be where you are.

you continue on your walk

you pass storefronts as people look at you

your wet t-shirt contest existence

in this September first rain

and it’s just you

the rain

and the streets

you stroll for blocks

this rain

came thru

is giving you


you tuck your phone

with it’s cracked screen

into different pockets

and then finally

into your underwear

to shelter it from the drenchedness

of your attire

transmitter park is ahead

gotta pee

you crawl under the bridge

and suddenly your iphone 6 with it’s cracked screen

slips out of your panties

and in-between the rocks.

you throw off your sandals

and start to move large boulders

anxious to find your phone

so much for your idle day

your brain whispers

the rain slowly stops

as you move these stones

and you are grateful for the testosterone

that has enabled you

to lift big things.

the urgency to get your phone

is much

and ya still gotta pee.

you crouch under the bridge

and piss a strong stream

get some pee on your jean shorts

that are already so wet

so it’s irrelevant

and that’s freeing

back to moving these boulders

of sorts

slide your hand

between the cracks

to gather your phone.

you gather yourself.

walking barefoot through the puddles


and mud

rinse off in the children's playground sprinkler

feels a bit redundant

unnecessary maybe

but it feels good.

you wandered to a different sandwich shop

but order the same sandwich

you always do

you probably should do your laundry.

thank you rain

for catching me.

for coming thru.

and thank you yellow/spanish rice.

for holding my phone all night

and allowing the speakers to see another day.

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