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serious face #22

It's hard to be vulnerable.

You held my side

as we stood at Stonewall

West 4th

the vigil


I read of a young couple

whose funeral is their marriage.

You sneak your hand

into my tank top

press your fingertips

into my ribs

Your hand cradles my core.

I rest my chin

atop your head.

Take in the masses.

Grateful to be here

With you

With them.

and I realize

we're creating moments.

We're creating

A space in the world

where we exist


I walked into No. 7

15 minutes tardy

to my birthday party

You were the only one there.

Perched on a stole.

Birthday candles

in a Justin's

Dark Chocolate

Peanut Buttercup.

When you smile big

You tilt your chin up.

I have feels

A lot of them.

I search for outlets

for comrades

to discuss life sentiments.

You call it serious face

You silly your face

to be as serious as mine.

To be vulnerable.

I ask you to tell me

I'm yours.

It feels like a lack of independence.

To want to belong to someone else.

To you.

To be vulnerable.

You look at me and say

You are mine.

And I get nervous.

Good nervous.

I want to be


for you,



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