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Silver hair

tight on the sides

effortlessly flows upward.

She notices words.

Remembers how others

use language.

She shares the same name as my mother.

Her wedding plans were featured in a marriage magazine

The Vow

The Knot

The Vow

The Knot

a concept that once seemed reserved for



a silly magazine

embodying traditions

that we have been told

are not for us.

Is now Hers.



She shows me her blouse options.

Her tailored vest choices.

And now is she pregnant.

She wore the vest

and her wife wore a dress.




she is


more "masculine"

than her partner

and her pregnancy

is beautiful

and opened my mind

that was a bit narrow.

First day back

She approaches me and reveals her little belly.


She does it with pride

in a cartoony fashion.

To be pregnant

To carry life.

To be a woman.

How grateful

I am

to know a





And I realize

her maternal nature

is something I have received

for years now.

A queer hand extended to mine.

that has guided me towards finding

my best gay lyfe.


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