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You're too tall for this short. #17

You’re too tall for this short film.

Cut your hair

Dye your hair

Shave your face

Get a tan

Whiten teeth

Remove your shirt

a panel of people

points on your naked nineteen year old frame

where you need

to lose weight


and here

and here.

And then

you do all the these things

you starve

your frame

that once was shattered

and now is composed of



the man with bangs

advises that you that when you schedule this




that its the one shot you get.

you do push ups on the streets of new york

crunches on the pavement

and the overweight man with bad bangs

looks at these pictures

these pictures taken by

another man

not even a year

after you fell

and now you're atop a roof in soho

he licks his lips

you tell him you fell out of a window in a stranger’s apartment not too long ago

and he tells you

he’d take you to dinner first.

reads your astrological sign

rubs lotion on your body

blows you a kiss

tells you; to create a slender neck in a photograph

you need to stick out your neck

like your sucking a dick.

a coffee table book of nudes

he wants you to be in it.

he reaches down your pants.

and now

bad bangs

looks at these photographs

and says he remembers you

and says

you look great

and you’re starving

but you look great.

Our agency is too big


established now

and we don’t have the time

the money

the energy

to make you where we are.

and now

you sit adjacent to a village.

unzip your pants

take off your shirt

they grab your head

and prop you up.

Ryan can't speak.

and you've simply outgrown this

because you're just too tall.

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