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Justice #14

in my

Jay’s Lawn Care

crop top


as my backdrop.

I take a

because I’m the


who fell from the five story window

because this is the sort of thing

that happens to gay boys

who try to find themselves

in Chelsea.

and now

My pull up bar regime

My pull up bar universe.

How do you balance? On the top?

my hair in a pony tail

the sun on my back

I tell him my approach.

I tell him I balance

my metal

on this metal.

just an accident

I say

That’s a story

That sounds like a story you made up

He smiles


I smile.

I’m the Queer

who balances his metal.

He calls me Wolverine

Went to Africa

got that Panther metal.

and I get to be



49 others



53 others


Chin up

Hold your core

Your thighs touch the bar

Your legs carry you over


I say


He says

I beg his pardon.

The trees look more alive

but fragile

And the sky looks tangible

but infinite.

Today, I get the opportunity

to teach this young man


how to twirl

on a pull up bar.

I get to take a

in my

Jay’s Lawn Care

crop top


as my backdrop.

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