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Feel for Orlando. #13


I did not feel

could not feel

Denied to feel.

a denial of feels

that’s embedded in this world’s climate

for gay tolerance.

I know a life

a way of living

where others need to


my existence.

Because I’m a boy

who likes boys.

And I'm taught to tolerate

how much you like your guns.

As a child

I learned

liking boys

was not accepted.

and having feels

was not okay.


my genitals

are male.

and others have chosen

what that means

for my lyfe’s trajectory.


is how we were programed.

49 died yesterday

and I could not feel.

49 died yesterday.

and today

I get to be here.

and today

I get to feel.

We get to feel.

and then-

it’s too much.

and these words-

are not enough.




but we must keep feeling

all the feels.

Feel for

Our Brethren

Our Sisterhood

Our Allies

Our Tribe.

Feel for Orlando.


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