a dance with a barrier. #5

June 5, 2016



a metal partition. 

a dance with a barrier.

but he stood in the rain

stood by in solidarity

and I danced with my girl. 




The smallest girl in the world 

Kneels on the ground 

Vomits in the grass 

while her damp brunette bob

sticks to to her face.


Those saucer-like eyes 

Look up at her squad

who stand by in solidarity.


She covers her vomit 

with a disheveled paper fan.


The second smallest girl in the world

gets her skull slammed into a porta potty

Strong, little manicured hands

latched into her side braid

A fist in her soft, young face. 

Tears in her soft, young eyes. 


I step in

to this petit millennial brawl

Thrashing and Glitter and Tears and Tanktops

near this row of human waste containers.


Tiny limbs with violent intentions

dance around my waist


a dance with a barrier.


We all just gotta pee.

I coo. 

My six foot three-ness 

hushes the noise.

And their friends 

embrace them

back to their chosen tribes.


A gentle couple let's me back in line.

it was kind 

that I stepped in

they say. 


I wore these sneakers here last year

Last year they got muddy

This year they got wet


I gotta get new sneakers. 


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