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Another day off

Went for a run

Worked out

Pull up bar routine

Pull up bar universe

Nicki Minaj

Williamsburg bridge

Shirtless and free

Sneaking glimpses at shop windows

Envious of their steady work

The grass is always greener.

When my parents were 28


They started a landscaping business.


a joke was made

a comment

of how someone's career had fallen

just kidding he said

not like Ryan's

My fallen career

He slapped his thigh

Hinged over at his waist with the joke

Two years ago

he would tell me-

How good looking I was

And "...if there was one guy I would be gay for

it'd be you."

Two years later

He unfollowed me on Instagram.

And demands me to take off my shirt

And makes jokes of my fallen career

I type this on my iPhone

Anticipating vegan tacos

Having just purchased

Dr Bronner's

Pure Castile Soap


I envy those in boutiques

A job I had at 23

And now I long for

A survival job-

but I do have this gig

and this gig gets me

vegan tacos in Greenpoint.

And I'm sure

one day

I'll be envious of this moment.

The waitress comments on the iced tea I brought in

She wants one now

Envious of my iced tea

Half full

Trying like a motherfucker

To not be half empty

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