August 16, 2016

The older we get.

The more we connected we get.


have group text messages

about sleepovers.

Bud lights. Tents. And manmade lakes. 

Sleeping in cars

with each other. 

with our tribe. 

The older we get

the further we are

from Snake on the Nokia phone.

and now Pokemon are 


August 15, 2016

dear text chain

i'm sorry

i want to

but i can't

so i don't.

August 4, 2016

Saw Kathleen on the street today. 

She’s lived in Williamsburg for 40 years.

Greenpoint for 20.


She wants to shed a few pounds

to fit into my coat.

Birthday was yesterday.

Got hit by a car last week on Franklin

The metal in my



and fifth lumbar aches


August 1, 2016

get out of work early. finish a book. take a few selfies. make art. or "#art". out of your gram. out of your face. out of your privilege. out of celebrating yourself thru the cracked screen of your iPhone 6. start your sentences with lowercase letters. conclude your po...

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